What Women Want (Erm, I Meant Readers).

I remember this old movie I watched a while back – What Women Want -where Mel Gibson, by a freak accident, gains the ability to read women’s minds. (If only it were possible, guys…If only.)

At first, this “gift” provides Nick with way too much information, but he begins to realize that he can use it to good effect, especially when it comes to outwitting his new boss who is a woman.

Now, what if you had that same super power? Read More

When Poetry Doesn’t Pay The Rent.

Hi guys! Its a Friday!

Know what this means? You have more fodder for writing today….

People act more extravagantly today than the other days of the week, only God knows why ( I lie. I know why. I have a 9-5 job 😊). Kidding o!

Scurrying through my Reader, that tab in WordPress that allows you find awesome posts, I searched out the Copyblogger blog, one of the most insightful sites I’ve seen for content writing, copy writing, etc.

So, here  is an article from them you should read today.

But first, an excerpt:

​’…paying the rent meant giving up on my creative aspirations and selling myself out for corporate drudgery. Turns out, I was doing writing wrong.

And if you’re a feast-or-famine freelance writer who spends more time submitting pitches to publishers than writing, you could be doing writing wrong, too.

You shouldn’t have to suffer or scrape by to do what you love…’

Sounds interesting, yeah? Continue reading the article here.




A tale to tickle your toes. 

It’s another one from Chineye. 

If you can relate after reading this,  say ‘aye’. 😊


I, hereby, declare a Whole Beef.

I can’t sleep because I’m pained. If you have a nutritionist aunt, just forget it. Nutritionists are terrorists.

In bed and reminiscing one very painful incident, it’s more painful now, that I think of it. 

During one of my visits to one of my relatives, they served everyone pounded yam and egusi, then my aunt smiled at me, with her lovely dentition.

‘Oh Chi, you’re on a diet. Manage the salad. I mixed it with fish so, you’ll like it’. 

Just like that, no conscience, like I’m a goat.😒.

When i strolled into the kitchen, I saw the egusi soup with goat meat, stock fish and dry fish. The sight of the food, oh, it was like I’d walked to a temple. It looked sacred. I asked the help for mine and was served. You see, my plan was to quickly eat there but I was forming not desperate.

I’d washed my hands o, taken my time to mould the ‘poundy’ in my palm, dipped the poundy ball into the soup and taken a generous amount of soup with the ‘minions’, about to put it in my mouth.

‘Ah’! My aunt had rushed into the kitchen, caught me at that moment and screamed. 


As if it was not painful enough, I got home. Too tired from the traffic, hungry, I decided to just take some yoghurt and sleep. Suddenly, my neighbour came to my house with her dinner, egusi and semolina. 

Ordinarily, I could have joined her but it looked small and she kept saying ‘Ha, Chi, I’ve not eaten since morning’, as if she knew I was about to beg her. I looked at the food long and hard, wondering what I did to deserve this. 

Oh Lord, why?

Storytelling Friday with Chineye. 

‘Reading allows us live a 100 lives without moving an inch. ‘

Here’s a non-fiction piece by Chinenye Junne to turnt your Friday. She’s hilarious too…don’t say I didn’t warn you!

…So I got suffocated today.

After scanning the whole tomatoes section, I spotted my favourite malam bent over a basket of tomatoes. Standing up, he saw me approaching and gave me his signature missing tooth smile.

However, today was not one of our overly friendly days as prices of things in the market were not friendly too. So, we bargained furiously, his smile disappeared and was replaced by a slight frown. Eventually, we agreed at a price but his frown had deepened.

While he packed the tomatoes and peppers, I stood by his side to avoid touching stories. I shouldn’t have.

First, I thought what I perceived was from the mud but with each second, the smell became stronger. I moved away from his side but it seemed like the smell followed me, so I covered my nose with a handkerchief. 

I really wanted to know if my mind was right so I fixed my gaze on the malam. He was no longer angry, I could have sworn I saw him smile. When he handed me the bag, I wanted him  to know I was suspicious so I kept looking at him while I covered my nose. Next, he burst into laughter.

‘Sorry madam, I no know when tusa comot. No vex’

He said amidst laughter. I was so angry when I left. If I didn’t get those tomatoes at that price ehn, I could have left them for him. He should have refused to sell to me at that price, instead of that nonsense.

Lesson learnt: over familiarity brings farting on the face.