4 Books You Should Curl Up with Before the Holidays Are Over!

As sweet as African cherry stinging the insides of your mouth cheeks, these books can only make your holidays sweeter….

Here they are:

1. When A Man Falls From The Sky by Lesley Arimah.

(Image by Tope Owolabi)

This book of short stories would shake you up, then calm you down. Its the perfect jolt your calm holiday needs. 😁

You can get this book at Terra Kulture, VI, on okadabooks.com OR on Amazon. 

2. Memoirs of a Professional Bridesmaid by Nneka Ijeoma.

It’s wedding season. Or at least, a lot of weddings are slated to happen in the next few weeks.

(Image from BellaNaija.com)

This 146-paged book of humour will help you take these events more lightly. Don’t blame me if you laugh out loud in public while reading this book o! 

You can get this book on okadabooks.com

3. Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers.

Someone once told me that classics are the best reads during the holidays. Especially when that classic so aptly captures the reason we celebrate Christmas – God’s relentless love. if you’re having a hard time learning to deal with your loud, boisterous and colourful family this holiday, this tale of love is for you.

You can get this book at any Christian bookstore around you.

4. The Gift for All People: Thoughts on God’s Great Grace by Max Lucado.

One reader had this to say about it: “A wonderful book, simple in its delivery but profound in meaning. The message that God loves me and wants me for his child was just the message I needed to hear today.I had read and reread several chapters many times before I finally finished this book. Mr. Lucado makes God’s love for all of us truly “The Gift for all people”. I will definitely purchase several copies for friends.”

This is a book filled with beautiful, easy-to-read musings and poems that create the imagery of God’s love exhibited in Christ – Christmas.

You can get this book on Amazon on at De Prince Supermarket, Gbagada, Lagos

I enjoyed it, you will too!

I hope you get the books on this list and indeed, spice up your holiday!


  1. Oluchi · Jan 7

    To think that I haven’t come across any of the titles you just listed. And I’m suddenly hungry for anyone. Do
    You have e copies of any?

    Idle head
    Books You Should Read Before You Turn 30

    • demilhadey · Jan 13

      Lol. To think that…😊 No, I dont. I try to not have those, even, as they tend to impact the author negatively.

  2. Tony Michele · Apr 25

    Hmmm. Been hoping to check out #1. Haven’t been able to get my hands on a copy..

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