Hey Writers. Here are some writing tips for the New Year!

Ready to set the regular new year resolutions? Hold on first. New Writing Tips alert!

A content writer’s new year resolutions are different. This article here explains how to set such.

Now, to the business of this post *rubs palms together*


Here are 5 Content Writing Directions to write on this new year.

1. ‘REFLECT’ articles.

You can start off with themes that resonate with the trend of planning for the new year. Writing on such themes are still interesting to your reader even up till March or the middle of the year! (shoutout to the late goal-setters 😄)

Here are a few examples:

  • Why do people make resolutions?
  • How can you improve your life in 2018.

        2. Listicles

        They’re among the most popular articles online, used by Buzzfeed, NY Times, and the average blogger in your neighborhood (☺)

        A listicle is an article written as a list, sometimes in bullet points.

        They have their pros and cons as seen below, but still, they rock and are an instant eye catcher.


        But let’s face it, people love to read listicles. It’s not just a trend. It’s scientifically proven!

        That’s why the article you’re reading right now is a listicle. So, what listicles can you write that will benefit your audience greatly in the new year?

        3. Frequently asked questions

        FAQs. Be warned that posting answers to frequently asked questions online won’t stop people from asking anyway.

        They do, however, serve as a resource for people, and they are often featured on e-commerce websites—but overlooked on blogs. FAQs are blogging gold in any age.

        Google’s algorithm uses FAQs, questions, and other popular topics as part of its Knowledge Graph. If you’re lucky, you might score a top spot in this coveted place. So, write some FAQs in your field and post them today!

        4. People features

        Featuring select people—customers, professionals, authorities, leaders, etc.,—is a great way to add a personal touch to your blog/social media and create a sense of connection with your old and new readers.

        One of such blogs doing this today is Humans of New York.


        Try featuring real people—including photos, quotes, and other personal information— to produce strong engagement with your audience.

        5. An open letter to your hero or life goal.

        Just like the Open Letter to Fela I wrote last month, you can have a regular schedule of writing open letters to popular people in your field or those your readers connect with. It might never get read by those actual people, but your audience is sure to love it.

        I said so.

        So, those are 5 easy content ideas to build your posts around this new year. Happy New Month again!

        Before you leave…

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        Seriously. It helps a lot with the growth of this blog.

        I know most people don’t share because they feel that us bloggers don’t need their “tiny” social share. But here’s the truth… 

        I built this blog piece by piece, one small share at a time, and will continue to do so. So thank you so much for your support, my reader.

        Still have a question? Reach me at demilhadey@gmail.com 


        1. Brenda Mueller · Dec 3

          This is a great reminder. Thank you for sharing and I really like the graphic about the listicles.

          • demilhadey · Dec 5

            Thanks Brenda! I’m glad I was able to help.
            Yes, I’m thankful for the internet and its many goodies such as this image. I hope you followed the blog 🙂 I just did for yours.

        2. Thanks also for sharing this; I just got a new mindset of writing from this! Keep it up!

          • demilhadey · Jan 11

            I’m absolutely glad I could help! Do follow the blog for more if you havent. 😊

        3. Oluchi · Jan 4

          I just recently started using listicles on my blog and it helps. Not just in the readers eyes, it helps me think more on relevant points. When it was formally in paragraphs, at the end of the second paragraph I might quit, after feeling like I had written enough.
          But with listicles, 2 paragraphs are not convincing enough.
          Idle head
          What did you leave in 2017

          • demilhadey · Jan 13

            That is great, Oluchi! I mean, it does help our minds be more concise and not so worried about length all the time.

            Thanks for commenting!

        4. demilhadey · Jan 13

          Do follow back too. ☺

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