Tool Tuesday: The Perfect Tool for Twitter Threads and Tweetsorms

Have you heard of WriteRack?

You know those times you have great ideas you wish to share on Twitter but that 140-character (oops! Now, 280) limit just ruins the show?

Well, worry no more! I found this site/app that allows you share tweets in a serialised manner without going through the stress of typing them one after the other in your ‘Compose Tweet’ box and then waiting for each to get posted before sending the next.


The tool has been up since July, 2014, according to sources. As at 2015, in an interview/article with Techcabal the tool so far has over 700 registration, 1123 tweetstorms and up to 60 thousand tweets. You can take it for a spin here.

The tool numbers your tweets according to how you craft your sentences, using the full stop. the algorithm is such that it recognises full-stops and so, every sentence is numbered as a new tweet.



  • The site is extremely user friendly and requires little technical know-how to use.
  • It has an Android app. (Yay Android! IOS 😦
  • You can access the app’s festures on its desktop site too.


  • You can only set an interval time between your tweets in the Premium subscription at $19.99 per month. In the Free version, all your tweets are sent out at once


This is one app that will delight every writer’s heart! We can now write as much as we want to on Twitter in one place without jeopardising our delicate, delicate thought process (if you know, you know…).

Again, you can start now at the WriteRack site

Or the Android app. Happy Tweetstorming!

Did you like this post? What topics would you like me to cover in my next #ToolTuesday?



  1. iammagnus · Nov 14, 2017

    I didn’t know about this before now
    Will make a lot of sense speakers. Will check it out. Thanks

  2. demilhadey · Nov 17

    Youre welcome, Magnus. Visit more often! 😊

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