Dear Demilade, Is Paid Writing for Only You?


Hello, dear Writer,

This post signals the beginning of my ‘Paid Writing’ series.

Is somebody not happy?💃💃💃

Anyways, I have had a sizeable number of people ask me how they can get paid for their writing skills and even search for jobs with it.

But when I did my calculations, it would take me approximately 1 million lightyears to explain this to each of them one by one 😂. (You calculate that!)

And so, I’ve decided to put it here on the blog.

I will be posting them in a ‘Dear Demilade’ format, and I’ll be as real as possible.

Ready to learn from me, the once struggling writer, now quite-the-financially-comfortable-writer?

Then, Read On!


You need writing to sell your market/ hustle, whatever it is. Are you a medical doctor starting your practice? You need great marketing copy to attract and expand your customer reach.

Are you a lawyer? Well, you need awesome blogposts on your website to establish yourself as an authority in your field and make up for that terribly small signage you have in front of your office. 😂
Every company needs a writer, but the jobs are packaged in different ways (PR person, Reporter, Editor, Communication Intern, Content Developer, Social Media Handler, Speech Writer etc.

You don’t get better at writing (paid or unnpaid) by JUST reading about ‘How to write’. You get better as you practice. So despise not your unfinished and unworthy articles; it’s a process.

In making a name for yourself as a writer, on any platform, CONSISTENCY is much more important than talent. If you write excellently and post only once every two (assuming this is at the early stages of your writing journey), your followership/ readership will most likely dwindle.

Consistency is what makes people remember and refer you for paid writing jobs. Clients will only hire those writers they can find. What are you doing to make your writing more visible (especially online)?

Writing can be learnt. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Some grow up to simply love and wield words (not born to love words, it’s the baby’s environment that shapes him), others learn it. Whichever category you fall into, yes, YOU CAN write if you put your mind to it.

An extra tip.

Keep learning: Develop yourself so much and so regularly that you never become irrelevant as a writer. As much as you are kind to yourself and your not-so-great writings, endeavour to get corrected, and learn how to improve, so as to become a better writer.

Do you still have any questions on PAID WRITING? Ask me in the comments section!

P.S You can also send me a ‘Dear Demilade’ question paid writing  and I’ll happily answer in my subsequent posts.

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