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Its #ToolTuesday!

I hope you were looking forward to it? And how was your weekend? Sun or rain? Well, today has a story attached to it, so kick back OR draw near and listen:

It all started on a usually busy day, shuttling between work deliverables

and personal browsing pleasure, I saw a tweet on free advertising by a fellow blogger. Free ads? Yass!

I swooped in. And persistently asked her when I could be featured. Sounds somehow? Maybe. Was it worth it? Very much. We got to talking  and she sent me questions to answer. With a grin on my face and with deadlines on my back, I answered them, one by one.  Last week, she put up a post on me as a writer’s coach here, and even publicised my creative writing 12-day course…for FREE!

I had leveraged on my human resources (if you could call it that) as a tool. Fellow bloggers, fellow writers can be positive tools to grow your writing audience and business.

Look around you, what tools have you overlooked? Blogger friends? Broadcast message-sharing relatives? Facebook friends? It’s time to utilize them! Come up with an idea they can help you publicise and leverage on it. Many times, these people would gladly share our posts or brand messages for free.

Oya, its Tuesday, Shine ya eye!

Here is the featured post on me and my current writing course again:




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