read 2

I had a conversation with someone yesterday.  She had a problem finding words to express herself in writing. I immediately asked the obvious question.

‘Do you read?’ ‘No. I read only academic texts’.  

I almost fainted…on phone. It is impossible to breathe out without breathing in. So it is with reading before writing. You may write, but your writing will never be rich if you don’t read,  CONSTANTLY. 

So,  WHY READ?  5 reasons;

1. Your vocabulary depends on it. Your vocabulary of words expand as you read.

2. Your thoughts and musings alone aren’t enough.

3. The growth of your writing skills are largely dependent on the books you read.

4. How can you try your hand at a new writing genre when you’ve not read works in that genre?  E.g poetry,  drama,  etc.

5. You can never re-invent the wheel in your writing. Instead, you can improve on it. What you will write about has been written by someone else before. Learn from them and improve.

6. Reading takes your imagination on a trip,  so why not?

Breathe in.  Breathe out.

Read. Write.

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