Better Soup, Na Money Kill Am!


Some days, when I flashback to when my second paid training, I laugh.
It is funny now but it wasn’t funny then.

I had been ardently following a writing authority online for a while. And I thought I knew where my loyalties lay. Until he started promoting a 21-day training he was to hold.

I snapped.

Unconsciously, I began to look for reasons why I shouldn’t attend the class – it was too soon, it was too long, what if I don’t understand what’s been taught?….
Simply because it was a training where I had to PAY.

On and on my brain went with the excuses.
One thing I had realized early in life was that if you really wanted something, you would pull out the stops to make it happen – even if circumstances aren’t rosy. But my brain didn’t recollect this knowledge at this time…

Then, one day, this role model of mine had a long hard talk with me about why I needed the training course. I paid that night.

9 days later, I knew I had done the right thing. Why then did I hesitate? Money-phobia.
The best things in life sometimes are paid for. Not free. Shine ya eyes.

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