Hello Mr Writer,

Have you realized yet that you are sitting on the money you claim to NOT have? Let me explain why.

Firstly, you should know that every company needs you. Words are needed in every organisation; to communicate with employees, to persuade customers in adverts, to build a particular personality for a brand, etc. Brands can only get into the hearts of their potential and present customers through the persuasive power of words (Including spoken words in videos).

Here is an example of  such a product or brand review article that you can be paid for. Brands need this! :


It started during the mandatory National Service Year.

I started to see some cake activity on my Timeline. The activity was very obvious because it was coming at a time where 19,800 naira was the monthly salary, so I was accustomed to window shopping products online – I would simply salivate or gawk and move on.


Back to the cake activity. I soon realized that these gorgeous cakes were being made by two friends of mine. They were youth corps members, like me, back then. Knowing that these cakes were closer to home, I salivated even more.

After we rounded off that year, I continued to behold this activity, but alas! The cakes are only available in other cities – Akure and Ibadan while I am in Lagos state.

However, if you are in that city… Whoooo! You are lucky!
It means you have the chance to enjoy divine cakes and pastries by Creamy Tops, owned by my two buddies – Oluwatoyin Fadipe and Oluwatooni Ige.

You can buzz them on 08076952991 or inbox them at Creamy Tops to order! Don’t sit on this o!


Here is a screenshot of the Facebook post:

Screenshot (33)

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