This was a topic one of the writers in the ‘Build Your Writing Confidence’ Whatsapp Group asked me to write on.

This is a tough one. Mostly because, *in Pete Edocie’s voice* ‘it izznt easy’. Being an active blogger (one that posts at least every two days) while having a 9-5 job is like juggling 10 balls. It is wise to learn how to juggle then.

Before I began working at a book publishing house, I had a 9-5 job in a digital ad agency (growth-hacking agency if you know what that is o). It was extremely demanding. So much that the blank page that I was usually excited to write on became a luxury I couldn’t afford. I envied other writers who had plenty time on their hands…

Until an angel in Igbo form and social media guru, Emeka Nobis let me in on a secret – He shared how he had also been in the same dilemma some years ago and how he made use of every single spare time outside the office to write stories and articles. I got down to it. En route work, en route home, lunch breaks, weekends, ‘White House’ time… I would write. That’s YOUR answer.

Write your blog/ vlog articles for the week, as well as set aside the accompanying images on the weekend so that all you have to do when your blog post is due is press the ‘Post’ button.

Be consistent with this and watch your productivity as a blogger or writer shoot through the roof! For more ‘writer-muscle’ tips, check out the other recent posts.

If you’d be interested in the ‘Build Your Writing Confidence’ Whatsapp Group (it is simply to build your writing confidence. Shikena), join here 

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