Animations and Writers’ Life Lessons


It is possible that my latest life lessons might be drawn from animations now…

I watched ‘Moana’ over the weekend. Its an animation film that centers around a young island girl who can’t seem to get over her love for the sea. Unfortunately, her dad, the village chief places a limit on that love – none of them on the island are allowed to go beyond a certain point of the sea.

In that movie, I learnt something about reluctant writers. Half of the movie time, Moana seems to be fighting that voice inside of her that calls her out into the water…

I started to think (as usual) to myself – How many people are still fighting that inner voice that tells them that they’re writers?
That voice that tells them that they have the power of weaving words into the fabric of society?

My answer- TOO MANY

You think your talent is just for entertainment on social media? You should have a re-think. Chimamanda Adichie’s ‘Half Of A Yellow Sun’ brought up issues of discontent and war-trauma about Biafra that many people from other tribes never knew existed!

And that was a ‘mere’ writer. You can do the same too. And even much more.

Like Moana, embrace that call – wholly and absolutely.

One comment

  1. Shimonkepha · Oct 22, 2017

    That’s true!

    In addition, there are some other lessons we can learn from the movie:

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