Why I Think Elsa in ‘Frozen’is a Nigerian Child.


Forget the white face and the flowy white hair.

She must be a Nigerian child.

I present my argument:

1. She was told to bottle it all up inside.  Unconventional talents and her emotions- Everything. And isn’t this the norm for most Nigerian children?

Gradually, you learn that your ‘abnormal’ dreams or thoughts are met with punishment – by society, in general.

‘No, you can’t be a basketballer, when your mates are getting law degrees.’
‘Policewoman ke? You want to suffer?!’
‘Start your business? Ahan. Better be realistic.’

Instead of teaching them to control the powerful desires inside them, we squelch it. Suppress it.

2. A point came when she HAD to rebel.

I laugh as I write this because I can almost calculate the statistics of Nigerian children that rebel against their loved ones because they can’t pretend any longer.

Yoruba daughters marry Igbos (this is a good thing by the way), medical students become artists, law students transform into hip hop artists. LOL.

Let these children be. Or they will end up rebelling later on. This doesn’t mean you don’t train them. Nope, that’s not my argument. Train them to choose between good and evil- and MOST IMPORTANTLY, allow them to make that choice- themselves! They need your advice but they need you to let go too. (🎵 Let it go, Let it goooo, can’t hold it back anymore 🎶)

Enough said.

3. In the end, her ‘unconventional talents’ saved them all.

Those fine artists,  bloggers, basketballers, handcraft gurus and comedians. They will save you. The world has started moving away from academic skills and transitioning into learned skills.

Their world is transforming and they can sense it. They are adapting as a chameleon will match the green of a trees leaves.

You have instilled values into them all these years. Now, is the the time to STEP BACK and PRAY. For they were born to you and not FOR YOU.

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