‘Me? I’m Not A Writer o!’

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One of your friends had just stumbled on your ‘journal’ – your book of writings.
Unlike others, you don’t just write in it daily events. Poems, fiction and even eulogies abound in your journal.

She had come visiting because you guys hadn’t seen in a long while. Since you both graduated and gone on the National Youth Service exercise, it had only been phone calls.

Unfortunately, while you were you were cooking your lineage-famous Jollof rice, she had ventured into your ‘no-access territory’ where you kept your writings. Shet.

‘Kemi, Kemo. So you be writer?’ she had asked. In that split second, your brain became muddled. As usual. You had asked yourself this question a billion times too.

‘Me ke? I’m not a writer o!’


P.S There is a Whatsapp group I’ll be making public soon – ‘Boost Your Writing Confidence’ Masterclass. If this description of the writer in this story fits you, you should join. If you want to shine your God-given ‘writing light’ and hone it till others can’t ignore and are impacted, YOU SHOULD JOIN.’

Enough said. Who’s with me?
Type ‘Yes’ in the comment box so I know you and alert you when the group is opened up.

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