Accept It! You’re A Writer!

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1. You’re a voracious eater reader.

For you, its not that visual entertainment (like TV) holds no fun, but you have a dealer adventure between the pages of a book.
2. When you are overwhelmed by a strong emotion, you write.

Just like the ancient Roman doctors drained bad blood from patients to treat diseases, you’ve observed that writing seems to rid you of ‘poisonous’ emotions.
3. You kept/ still keep a diary.

Yes, that super secret book where you write down what a zillion people did to you. If it exists under your pillow or under your bed

4. Your friends and relatives constantly come to you for ‘editing support’.

Most times its free. Okay, maybe all the time, actually. Your loved ones have noticed you have a knack for weaving words and ‘so, therefore’, any important article of theirs is offered to you as an editing sacrifice.
My dear, writing (OR editing dey your body.)

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