What do You Get When You Spend Half of Your Day with Two Software Programmers?

Discussions on Robots, Trump and Artificial intelligence, that’s what.
All, I had envisaged was a hurriedly planned meeting with two tech guys on a software challenge, but what I learnt was mind-breaking.

My mind broke.

It broke out of its mold. I learnt about AI (Artificial Intelligence). For those that do not know or aren’t sure, AI is not just about robots that take over the world of humans (Thanks for clarifying that, Temidayo) like ‘Sunny’ in I-Robot.

It’s much MORE.

Its smarter transactions. Its learned behaviour. It’s the future.

I’m still trying to process what this means for me as a blogger,
But for you, what do you think AI would be able to change in your very profession?

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