Love Don Dey Recession. Seriously.


This article is for the desperate. If you are not, don’t read any further. Special days are for celebrations. On days like Mother’s day, anniversaries, landmark birthdays, it’s almost customary that you come with a gift in hand. So, the gifts pile up; dresses, bags, shoes, cakes, even washing machines. These are all great, I agree. (I really agree)
Those dresses will wear out, those bags start growing mold, the shoes start to peel, the cakes get eaten (assuredly) and the washing machine….Well, it has a limited life. In the end, what really remains? What can you hold on to seventy years after and still resurrect the nostalgia of that moment?


I mean, sometimes you just want to give that person more than the usual cake, chocolates and perfume (Am I right?). Maybe it’s that best friend’s birthday, that one that has been with you in every tough time OR your relationship/ wedding anniversary and you want to express just how much the years you two have spent together has been a blessing. Then, do it with words. Inexpensive, sweet words. 

But what if the words just don’t seem to obey you? The unruly bunch of emotions, you can’t seem to release through a channel of alphabets. It happens.
And then you’re stuck between getting a ‘heartfelt’ message off the internet or buying ‘the cake’. Sigh. I know how it feels.
And I can help.

I have been writing creatively for over 7 years now and over time, I have learnt how to make words say exactly what I want them to say. From poems to blogging to birthday messages to CVs and to writing proposals, I have dipped my hands in so many writing pies that it comes naturally to me to wield words. Hire me. Your emotions and memories, but my writing expertise.

If you want to get past the predictable gifts and give something that will really matter this Valentine, give words that cannot be forgotten.

Yours Sincerely,
The Letter Writer.


  1. ifeoluwa · Feb 7, 2017

    You are Ma

    please can I get one romantic message for val

  2. Oluwatobi · Feb 9, 2017

    Awwwwn…..Demi. I love words too. They’re just heartfelt and deep.

    • demilhadey · Feb 9, 2017

      Right?? 🙂 I hope the boo knows this too. 😀

      • Oluwatobi · Feb 13, 2017

        Lool. Boo is still taking his time. When he comes, he’ll definitely fall in line.✌️✌

      • demilhadey · Feb 13, 2017

        Lol! He sure will, madam! 😀

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