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Siennas. Toyotas. Peugots.

I see them all lined up at as I get to the bustop. And beside almost each of the cars there are car owners screaming.
‘Obalende CMS!’
‘One more yansh!’

I docilely walk by them and wait for a yellow bus to stop. I’m going to Oshodi.

5 minutes. 10 minutes and I’m still waiting. I turn around to glance longingly at the private ‘commercial’ cars. Then I turn away. Abeg, I’d rather get to work late.

You might be wondering why I would do this. Why I would prefer to wait for a rough, yellow bus when a sleek Sienna is right under my nose. Truth is, I’m avoiding being kidnapped. I am so suspicious of civilian cars because the people in them can turn out to be gang members, partners in crime and unlike in a commercial bus where evil cannot be kept secret, this is a personal car.

They can wind up the windows of THEIR cars.

They can lock THEIR car doors too.

I’ve heard and read so many real-life stories about rapes and robberies that have happened in civilian ‘commercial’ cars. And before you respond with a lazy ‘Only God will protect us o’, I’d say that we are to be cautious. Always.

Well, this is why I hate ‘civilian’ Siennas or Peugots or Toyotas. Too much risk.

What do you think about this issue? Tell me in the comment box. I’d love to hear it.

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