Do You Have Any Idea You Are Getting De-Sensitized? Not Sanitized. De-Sensitized.


Just today, I read a news post about how a black migrant drowned in Venice as two white by-standers made mocking comments because they felt it was funny.

They found it funny.

Racism aside, do you know what this reminded me of? Twitter. Social Media.

I cannot count how many different events many of us have ignorantly made light of on Twitter. How many ‘black migrants’ have we allowed to drown simply because it was ‘funny’? And really, I’m really speaking to Twitter users here.

How many serious events like rape, promiscuity and death have we downplayed simply to be in the ‘in’ online crowd? This has to stop. Really.

Step back into real life. People are more than a bird emoticon in your followers list! They have feelings, dreams and regrets – which should not be mocked.

Permit me to turn ‘prophetic’ here. There is a culture I see encroaching into our social media savannahs. One where people are desensitized. Detached. Sterile from emotions. Other people’s dreams become doormats for them to step on and their regrets – well, other people’s regrets become leverage for blackmail and ‘social shaming’. Deaths get a cursory glance from them….. And well, need I go on?

Even I am guilty. I gloss over pictures of dead bodies daily and …unconsciously, I decide it’s none of my business. I don’t see a reason why I need to protest or stand for another person’s rights.

I am getting DESENSITIZED! I know now….

The question is, Do you? Are you also getting desensitized? Take a minute to think about it and tell me what you think in the comment box below.

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