‘True Freedom’, they said.



You’d have us believe that freedom is when you are American, but we know better.




You posit to us that true freedom is the First Amendment – or the Fifth,

But we know better.


You tell us that freedom is when we can dress naked

But we know better.

You constantly try to convince us that freedom should have no limits

But we know better.


This is what we know…

WE KNOW that in true freedom lies responsibility

We know that true freedom is not throwing all caution to the wind

– at least, not in our society because innocent people could get hurt.

We know better – what is good for our OWN society. So, don’t TELL us.


  1. Adedolapo · Jan 29, 2017

    And somebody also said NYSC camp is fun, but we know better… Nice work Demi 😉

    • demilhadey · Feb 2, 2017

      Thanks Dolapo. Looool! You knew even better later on, didnt you?

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