Take Your Eyes Off The Red Lipstick, You Distracted Christian!


White powder.
This is holiness.

Big, round, circle earrings.
Red lipstick.
Of the devil.

You must be joking.
Go over the premises of your salvation again,
Do you think any of these things listed above is the ‘koko‘ (basis) of your salvation?

The basis is that Jesus died for you
and you believed.
That will be the only reason you’ll enter heaven.
Stop getting distracted
God has bigger fish for you to fry.

Get past this ‘salvation of THINGS’
And realize the hope of His calling.


  1. Oluwatobi · Jan 23, 2017

    Same thing I was discussions before service started yesterday with my friends. The church has to change its perspective and mindset. That’s why most young people are moving to “new generation” churches(if am allowed to call them that), where the focus is on the internal rather than the external while still maintaining moderation.

    • demilhadey · Jan 24, 2017

      Exactly. I’m sure some youths leave for other trivial reasons though. But this is a major. The internal first. The external will follow – the latter is always a fruit of a change on the inside not the other way round.

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