I apologize for the break in transmission but…. Obama just said goodbye!




‘Inserts a crying smiley’.

Exactly how i felt when I watched Obama’s farewell address.

He was extremely genuine and sincere through it all, that it was hard not to cry. And he’s not even my president. I really doff my weave for his speech skills. I will definitely be taking to Youtube to learn from him on how to address people.

He was indeed one of those people. You know that kind of person whose sincerity is almost tangible. You would just know that he was being real. This is not to say he didn’t have flaws but he was in touch with the people.

However, something I really wish he had done more strongly was embody his faith. Truth be told, any American president should be ready to take tough calls when it comes to his faith and the rights of the people. But really, where do we draw the line? (I’m mostly referring to the legalized gay marriage bill)

My thoughts on the farewell speech summarized.

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