Fulfilling Monday



Burp. I’m ful-filled.

I got to do quite a lot today. (Hint:  I actually like being very busy) My boss shouldn’t see this! Its like my brain works extremely well when its given a lot of things to do. I wonder if  there is a medical term for this?

I created scripts for two animation videos. First time! And it came out awesome (I’d advise you guys start hiring me now, my fee is climbing higher…) The ‘how-to’ videos are for a new social media influencer platform. First of its kind in Nigeria. That’s all I will say.

Anyways, there’s a new administrative officer at the office. From all the explanations I got, he basically is to make sure we’re doing our jobs as fast and well as we should. He’s okay. Not uppity or too strict. That’s enough for me.

Today I tried something new. Writing animation scripts. I could have second-guessed myself but I chose to believe in myself, and ‘by His power at work in me‘ I came out with something everyone loved (except the video editing guy, ‘cos he has a lot of work to do now). There is a lot of power available to the Christian – Ephesians 1:19

That’s a summary of my Monday. Lots of work. Which I loved.

How do you cope with a busy day? DO share with me in the comment box! And don’t forget to flow this blog, whether on WordPress or by email. More interesting articles that will make you laugh, cry and think, still to come this week….



  1. Funmi · Jan 9, 2017

    Good one keep it up. The sky is not even the limit for Zero gravity youth.

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