Impromptu Friday at Work.



‘When you’ve given a 100%, give some more.

This describes my day at work. Unlike Hercules who battled the 7-headed dragon, I battled two social media content calendars today.

I and another of my colleagues told to basically plan social media postings for the coming week. (Hint: That’s a major part of my content writing job at the ad agency ; creating awesome written content). Today, however, it did not feel awesome.

7pm. We’re still not done.
Not that we haven’t been hard at work, but we had some reverts from the boss. The posts we had come up with had not been organized and it lacked that ‘back to work’ theme running through it, my boss had said. It had been true.

The height of this day was when I started having odd fantasies about walking out the office door and never coming back again! Yesso. Frustration can do that to a person.

But I gritted my teeth and kept telling myself, ‘What the heck. Forget the time. You can do it.’

In the end, we finished. Past 8. My boss even gave me a friendly pat on the cheek. He said I was improving. All because I gritted my teeth.

When life gets tough, grit your teeth even harder!
What grittiing-teeth situations have you faced lately? I’d love to hear about them….😊c__data_users_defapps_appdata_internetexplorer_temp_saved-images_1853984221-langston-coleman-quote-luck-is-what-you-have-left-over-after-you-give

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