Safety Tips for Those in Southern Kaduna

If there’s one news that has been in our minds and on our lips at the beginning of this new year, it has been the Southern Kaduna killings.

Another conflict has cropped up even as another (Boko Haram) subsides. These are the inevitable side-effects of having a multi-ethnic state. Occasional cultural or pastoral conflicts.

Apart from the usual helpful advice given by political opinion leaders on social media such as J.J Omojuwa, etc, and other not-so-helpful social media talk that borders on hate crime, I felt that there should also be safety tips for those that are resident in or are close to where the killings are actually happening.

So, here are 5 tips for those in Southern Kaduna to prevent being a victim of these clashes;

1. Always be vigilant and know what is happening in your community ( especially if anyone already has issues with herdmen).

2. Know that these Fulani herdsmen do not always know who their target is, hence any one seen is attacked, so run when you see them coming in group

3. Do not try to negotiate with them, instead try to get away.

4. Most of them (herdsmen) won’t come back immediately if one of them is arrested or attacked, some times it takes weeks so remain vigilant and even request for security protection if any of your family or neighbours has had a scuttle with them.

5. Your community should have vigilante groups working with the police to watch over the community.

6. Watch your back, generally,at all times.

Sources: Nairaland

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