Help Wanted. New Year Motivation needed.

What to do when my New Year motivation is running low.
That’s one of the things that has dominated my thoughts since the new year began. Every new year brings a

lot of thoughts with it; thoughts of new responsibilities, new decisions, new milestones and for some, even new children.

And as these thoughts come, the best thing, of course, is to file them neatly under resolutions and larger-than-life goals, so that they can be easily achieved.
This is great.
Absolutely noble.

But these noble goals can easily become un-achievable. Especially when we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of 2017. And then, the ‘un-achieved resolutions’ tumble in. Whoosh.

Fast forward to mid-June. You reluctantly decide to do a goal-review. But you’re silently dreading it because then you will have all those unrealized ambition starring you in the face. 

Your ego will surely take a heavy blow.

But you can overcome this. This middle-of-the-year confusion. You shouldn’t have to abandon your wonderful goals because you ran out of motivation.
That’s why I have decided to share with you 3 good ways I have used to overcome the ‘lack of motivation’ syndrome.

1. Who has done it?

As the wise Solomon once said, ‘there is nothing new under the sun’. Whatever you are trying to do has, most likely, been done before (except you plan to travel to the sun. 🙂  In that case, you’re probably the first!) 
Look around you. There are surely people that have achieved at whatever you have set as your goal, be it a spiritual, financial, business or even, mental goal. 
Go out and find them. Follow them online, follow them offline. Their activities and helpful advice are sure to keep you ‘gingered’ until you finally achieve that goal of yours.

2. Keep your face to the light.
While being taught basic science in  secondary school, i learnt about phototropism.
It is a process by which plants grow in the direction of the light they receive. The plants know that sunlight is essential to their survival and so they bend and twist to receive sunlight. Without doing this, their growth will be stunted or they will die, altogether. 
So is optimism to your goals. Stay optimistic when you fail and even when you’re rejected. This is essential to survive the ‘no-motivation’ syndrome. 
However, there is a thin line between optimism and naivete. Be realistic enough to recognize your obstacles, and optimistic enough to keep trying. For just as sunlight is to plants, so is optimism to your goals.

3. There is God o.

This might be the third, but it is the bow that ties these three points together. Involve God. Get involved with Him. Its that simple. If you have no inkling of what I’m talking about when I say this, see THIS

With God, your goals and plans are actually more meaningful. Walking with Him daily is better than any ‘motivation Monday quote’ you could google.

Lean on God for motivation even when your motivation tank is on ‘E’. It doesn’t matter where you were, are and will be. He loves you like there’s no tomorrow. Grasp His hand for support.

These are my 3 favourite ways to overcome lack of motivation. What did you think of them and what are your own favourites? Share them with me in the comment box below.


  1. Olayinka Omole · Jan 5, 2017

    Really nice piece Deymz.
    I especially like the part about growing towards the light… very simple lesson that I’m sure would do a lot of good. Thank you.

    • demilhadey · Jan 6, 2017

      Olayinka, first-time commenter. 🙂
      Yes o, very simple lesson we should learn from. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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