That’s what they’ll start to tell you now that things seem to be going haywire.

Now that the ungodly seem to be taking the reins of power and the economy is doing a belly flop. They’ll say it over and over again. Two things might happen then:
1. You’ll get defensive and mouth off, scripturally. Hint: Vain arguments
2. You’ll realize that Psalm 82 is already in play and that God will not come down again to do what He’s already empowers you to do! (Phew!)

So, expect it. And buckle up (with the belt of truth 😉 Eph. 6:14a). The truth is: You ain’t ordinary. You aren’t. The earth has been given to you if you’re a believer. Take charge!

Don’t break your ranks. Stay where He’s called you to (Politics, Film industry, Modeling…) and dominate it. For Him.

Your God’s asleep. Guess you know what to do now. 😊


  1. Dammie · Nov 10, 2016

    Always insightful with a hint of that classic Demz humour. You honestly are blessed. Thank God.

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