The Questioner

Curiosity killed the cat,
But that doesn’t deter me,
I want to know the why behind the what, and how!
I mean, why are you guys whispering?
And who exactly are you talking about?
Wait, is it that tall guy in English or the short one in Mass Comm?

Some tell me there are some questions you don’t ask,
Like how God came about,
Or why bad things happen,
Hmmm. That’s gonna be a hard task.

But see…
I want to know why my heart beats so fast when I see boys in my age group,
And why I have two mothers and just one father,
Or why I feel so inadequate when I look at others’ selfies on IG
I need to know.

Maybe this life is just a salad of questions
And we’re left to create our own answers
Sigh. I wish I knew someone who could answer my ‘inconsequential’ and ‘trivial’ questions.


  1. Dammie · Jul 27, 2015

    Heartfelt write-up. I was and I’m still moved by its sincerity. I’m no expert but let me try to answer a few of your questions. Your heart beats so fast when you see boys In your age group cause it’s biology. Your body can’t help its reaction to the opposite sex but you can control it by choosing to focus on what matters. Or responding to the reaction if it’s toward someone you think is worth it 😉. About feeling inadequate when you see other selfies on IG, you are not the only one. We all feel inadequate when we see someone we think is better than us or has something we don’t have. That’s probably never going to change. But we should remember that we are seeing that person’s best (and probably photoshopped) selfie (cuz no one puts their worst selfies on IG) and using their best as our measure of comparison (which is honestly enough to depress anyone), forgetting that they too have imperfections and inadequcies that probably make us far better than they ever could be. We can only learn to be content with what we have. Though we can try to improve on our inadequcies and try to make them better (which is not a bad thing at all), our never ending inadequcies never truly fade away until we learn to accept them and make them work for us. I believe God gave us these inadequcies for it to teach us something, something that could help make us far better versions of ourselves. We just have to open our hearts, even though sometimes it can be so hard. Hope this helps. (PS – pls pardon the very long post ☺️)

    • demilhadey · Jul 29, 2015

      Wow. Dami. Your answers are helpful. Turns out some of these are my questions after all. Inadequacies remind us to lean on God, and are not there to depress us. Thanks again for commenting

  2. Elouise · Jul 28, 2015

    Hi, Demil! It’s way too long since I visited your blogsite. I’m happy to see your recent posts, and pray all is well with you. I can’t answer your questions above–but I think the things you wonder about are important. So are your own answers to your questions! Especially the ones about you….

    • demilhadey · Jul 29, 2015

      Oh elouise! I’ve missed you too. 😊. This piece speaks about inquisitive people and how its okay to ask even foolish questions. Just like Nicodemus. Jesus didn’t call his questions irrelevant or make it seem visit mote often, elouise, as will I. God be with you.

      • Elouise · Jul 29, 2015

        Your questions are never foolish or irrelevant. There are no ‘stupid’ questions–and yes, Nicodemus is a great example of that. It’s so good to see your writing again.

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