Tick, Tock.

Tick, Tock, Tick…
The clock suddenly becomes your major attraction.
The tapping of your feet, almost rhythmical.

The queue seems to have doubled in size
Should you stomp out or should you stay?
You stay.  

Your eyes are on the brink of tearing up
Why is the line moving so slowly?
And the attendant so annoying?
The fire of anger is kindled.
You stay.  

You feel a hotness in your belly
Something is rising up within you
Before you know it, words suddenly spring forth: angry, spiteful words The fire of anger roars.
You stay.

The attendant looks you in the eye
Deliberately keeping you on the line, it seems.
‘So, you can talk?’, the attendant hisses
Your words have pierced
How can you soothe the pain?
To go or not to go?  
You go.

‘Patience is not just how long you wait, but how well you wait’.


  1. dammie365 · Jul 4, 2015

    Insightful. Sounds like it was borne from experience. Really nice.

  2. Elouise · Jul 28, 2015

    Experience is such a strange teacher. I think every circumstance that hooks me like this is worth looking into. What does it remind me of? When was the last (or first) time I felt like this? Thanks for sharing this not-so-memorable moment. I’m wondering who the attendant reminds you of….

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