As Simple As Bread and Butter.

Life, that’s what is.

I grew up with image of a straight-forward life: school -> NYSC/ Masters -> job -> obese paycheck -> marriage -> children -> retirement -> …

These were the pictures in my head (Walter Lippmann), the pictures the media painted in my head. Life was pretty simple. Until…   

I grew up. I learn that families move from familiar neighbourhoods. I learnt that sometimes, people relegate you to the background because you’re new. I learnt that secondary school is a different ball game. I learnt that friends could be made in the oddest of situations. I learnt that negative self-defense mechanisms may be developed

I learnt that there were people who cared. I learnt that my mother didn’t hate me. I learnt that my self-esteem could be better. I learnt that true friends don’t have a problem with you shining. I learnt that sometimes, the hard way is the best way. I’ve learnt that being friendly never killed anyone.

I learnt that life sometimes throws you already-tossed salad, I learnt that there’s Someone who loves me like there’s no tomorrow. I’ve learnt that i can always improve on myself no matter how perfect I may seem (to myself), i’ve learnt that people are to be loved not pushed away

I’ve learnt that life isn’t as simple as bread and butter. I’ve learnt that that’s okay.


  1. Oluwatobi · Mar 9, 2015

    I love bread and butter.

  2. Arch-Lancer Udofa · Mar 10, 2015

    Our lives get complex as we grow older. I really miss those good old days.

    • demilhadey · Mar 10, 2015

      I do too. But then, there are some lessons i’ve learnt from now, i wouldnt trade for anything.

  3. Efe · Mar 10, 2015

    Obese paycheck 😀, liked it a lot (II’m learning not to use the word love anyhow), seemed like more of a poem to me.

    • demilhadey · Mar 11, 2015

      yeah, it kindof is. I tend towards poems, most times. Thanks for reading, efe.

  4. kemisolaagoyi · Mar 11, 2015

    true… and if you think secondary school was a different ball game wait till you have been in tertiary institution longer than you’ve been in sec. school. Nice write up, keep it 🙂

    • demilhadey · Mar 11, 2015

      As in. Secondary school was tough tho…

  5. Dta · Mar 11, 2015

    whao, this totally makes sense, used to think life was a straight line. I agree

    • demilhadey · Mar 11, 2015

      Thank for reading, DTA, and telling me what you think 🙂

  6. Elouise · Mar 20, 2015

    I love this! The obese paycheck is especially tantalizing! I think there must be at least one story behind each of those learnings you identify.

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