New. Nouveau.

I have, for a while, been putting off writing a new post, simply because i felt had nothing tangible to write about. However, throughout the day, my mind is like a carnival, with new ideas popping here and there, so here i am putting my brain, hands, laptop, MB, to work. New post:

Trying new things is always everyone’s goal (unless you absolutely hate change). It is the whole point of a bucket list, the reason why there are regrets on a death bed,etc. There are a couple of new things i have had to try this month alone. I would have put them in a list, but that seems a pit impersonal to me, so I’ll share them in short sentences.

I’ve had to open up myself to deeper relationships. Before now, i was content to slink into my personal space; reading a book, meditating, learning, or just doing something ‘personal’. But then i took a step back and realized that i had become a pro at casual friendships. No secrets, no emotional bonding. I have had to change that.

Before now, my beliefs were, well, mine. Until i started reading a book by T.L Osborn this month. I had so much ‘fire in my bones’ after the first three pages, it was amazing. But then, the question remained: ‘Was i actually going to ‘evangelize’? That night i did something new. Wrote an evangelism letter and dispatched it. In one night.

This is a glance into two new changes I’m undergoing right now. It may not be much, but each day i push myself to keep these changes going.

I dare you to start two new, positive things today. It takes two weeks to form a habit, let this be your first week. Push yourself out of the comfort-zone and avoid the path of ‘if-onlys’.

Do Something New. Nouveau.


  1. Tomisin Olafisoye · Feb 26, 2015

    Hmmmmm I’m inspired. This made me think of the changes I know I need to make but have been putting off since January. Now February is almost gone. I’ll take a leaf from your book, get up, and just do it. Thank you for sharing 👍👍

  2. Elouise · Feb 27, 2015

    Nice post, Demil. And a great challenge!

    • demilhadey · Feb 27, 2015

      Thanks Elouise. We all need to push out of our comfort zone regularly. 😀

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