Dear Nigerian Politicians,

This is a post in light of the election season
For every Nigerian, apathetic or not… By Olaoluwa Boulwatife



I will start by defining the term Habitual Lying, Habitual Lying is a situation whereby you lie to the point you believe whatever you say as the truth. I write this open letter as a Citizen of this great Country Nigeria. I would not say I represent the People but I am an individual, a unit of this Society so I speak for a building block of this Nation and I believe I have the right to be heard and listened to. I will not be pressurized into voting because some people say it over and over and over again that it’s my right. Yes it’s my right to vote but it’s also my right to have a leader I can vote for, someone who has no ‘Habitual Lying Syndrome’. A leader who will out-rightly change the Nation into something worth dying for, A Nation built on strength and unity…

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They walk amongst us, I tell you

Angels incognito

Carrying out their assignments whilst blending in

Doubt it?


That stranger who allows you have the bus seat nearest to the window.

The taxi driver that returns the wallet you cried over – intact.

The boy that holds the door open when you have your hands full.

The uncle that credits your account when you’re on the edge of being cashless.

That lunch lady that adds an extra meat without any previous rapport.

That guy that isn’t afraid to tell you that you’re stained.

The coursemate who accommodates you under her family-sized umbrella.

The friend who won’t allow you go out looking like a rainbow.

The father who renews your BIS without your asking

The police officer that lets you off with a warning.

The sister that gives you those pair of shoes.

That mother that won’t stop praying for you.

The rugged-looking evangelist that tells you ‘Jesus loves you’.

(still under construction)

A letter to my future husband.

Dear Future Husband,

I am told that I should start praying for you from now,

It’s pretty strange praying for someone I don’t yet know,

So, I decided to write you this letter first.

 Firstly, I’m gap-toothed. Yes, Love is not pivoted on physical attributes,

But still, I have this feeling that you’ll really (really) like it

My gap-toothedness, that is.

 Secondly, I see marriage through God-lenses. Let me cite this example:

I once saw a tree with three intertwined trunks

That tree was stronger than others because it had three trunks, not one or two.

Being married is much better than being single (two are better than one)

However, a marriage with Jesus at the center tops it all.



We gats have them 😀

Not just because God commanded that we be fruitful,

But because I just love ‘em!

I’m that aunt that little children can convince with fake tears and trembling lips


Dear Future husband, these spoilers should be enough for you.

Till then (I meet you), love God, love people, love life and PLEASE, love the gym.


Your future wife.