Very Funny! My Most Popular Post Ever. A Small Note C.H. Spurgeon Wrote To His Wife While Traveling !!!!!!

God’s servants do have a sense of humour 😀
Charles Spurgeon:

Levi's Daily Thoughts

I am sitting in my study cooling off after working outside. Because we have received so much rain lately the mosquitoes are pretty thick. Its not unusual to transport some into the house from time to time. As I’m sitting in my leather chair I hear the constant bzzzzzing behind me. I take off my cap and fling it around in the air to protect myself from a mosquito bite. I have had many in my day; probably thousands and I’m not afraid of them, but I will do what I can to keep from being bitten, if I can. Here I am, a 6’0′ man worried about an itty bitty mosquito. I can’t begin to be as eloquent or funny about the mosquito as what you are about to read. This was posted by me on Feb. 22nd, but I had very few followers back then. This is the most popular post…

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