Teenage girl gesturing with palms up

Ah…the niggling Nigerian problem that most of us are unaware of, permit me to call it – uninformedness. Nigerians complain about what they see on the surface, not bothering to know what exactly happened. An example I can’t forget is the fuel subsidy issue, although it is now full of shady dealings and all, most Nigerians did not even know what it was all about, they just started protesting.First of all, what is fuel subsidy, I didn’t know myself until someone explained it to me, you should have seen how i calmed down….Hehehe. Now, I’m not saying it’s wrong to stand up for what you believe in, but first, understand what you believe in. Almost everyone was just condemning the government,carrying placards, not caring if the money was going to better another area of the economy, which was the original intention. Although the government mismanaged that opportunity as usual, my point here is ….most Nigerians never understood what they were fighting for from the very beginning, how dangerous is that?
Or is it the petty fights that regularly go on between our leaders? Once one issue lands, GBAM! the public takes sides, depending on which party looks more pitiful. *SIGH* We definitely need help….not imported help though. We need to develop a culture of looking beyond the surface of all these controversial stories, at least we should just GOOGLE it… We shouldn’t just swallow it hook, line, sinker, net, fish and even bait!
I’m seriously tired of being uninformed, aren’t you?


  1. adeboro · Mar 18, 2014

    Lol… ‘Not imported help though’. hehehe…nice!

  2. Praise · Mar 18, 2014

    #truetalk…#uninformed *nice

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