Have you ever parted an age-long sea?
Called down fire from the heavens?
Commanded a drought?
Ever made the source of bitter water, sweet? (not tasteless)
Ever ‘un-paralyzed’ anyone?
Ever made a plant grow without sowing its seeds?
Ever commanded the sun to stand past its usual time or the moon to wait past its turn?
Ever made a fish perform the function of an ATM?
Ever commanded a whale to do your bidding?
Ever looked into the eyes of your tormentors and fiercely loved them?
Ever been teleported to do God’s bidding?
Ever had your physical clothes or face glister ‘cause you saw God’s glory?
Oh…..And you are already satisfied??
There is so much more…..’Go up hither’.
Inspired by the Almighty.

Why I cry.

This was written by one of the most eccentric people i know: @OfficialTosin

The blog where I rambled

I’m tired. I’ve given up.

You are happy, and its not because of me.

I miss the smiles.

I miss the glint in your eyes that tell me you are mine.

I am done crying and I’m done waiting for you.

Someday you will miss me.

I’m happy now.

I love you enough to be happy that you are in love and happy.

I might still be a sucker for you.

But when my heart gets healed, I’m done.

I will finally be happy. I will be free.

No more hurting over little things that don’t really matter.

No more fear that you will wake up someday and not want to be my friend.

I will want to always talk to someone that is not you.

Thank you very much for this. Its not your fault and we don’t control our emotions.

I will be better and stronger for this.

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