Events in June This Social Media Coach Will Be Attending. (Set your calendars!)

Trainings and value-adding events are important.
Especially if you run a business.
Especially if you would like to stay a valuable employee.
Especially if you’re keen on self development.
So, here are my recommendations for you this June. Events to attend!
1. The #TAEHangout
Convener: TheLarryLeo (look him up on Instagram!)
Date: June 22nd, 2018.
Venue: Ikeja, Lagos
The event features sharing of entrepreneurial advice and solutions by people such as Nelly Agbogu a.k.a ‘Naijabrandchick’ who has revolutionized Instagram strategy for businesses, @askdamz , @yourfoodgeek, Padebi Ojomo and many more.
If your business or brand is facing challenges as regards visibility, sales, structures and unhealthy mindsets? Attend. Register here:
2. Boost Your Business with Facebook by Digivate 360 with Padebi Ojomo 
Convener: Digivate with Padebi Ojomo (Serial Entrepreneur and Business Growth Expert)
Date: June 7th 2018.
Venue: Surulere, Lagos
The Boost Your Business with Facebook by Digivate 360, is a training program targeted at SMEs. Through the Boost Your Business with Facebook training, Digivate 360 will be training twenty thousand (20,000) Small businesses across 7 cities in Nigeria. The cities are Abia, Abuja, Enugu, Kaduna, Kano, Lagos and Port Harcourt.
Read more and sign up for other classes:
Register for Padebi’s training here:
3. She Means Business 2018
Convener: She Leads Africa (SLA) X Facebook
Date: (Varied)
Venue: Aba, Abuja, Ibadan, Kaduna, Lagos and Port Harcourt
This event across various states offers 4,000+ young, ambitious Nigerian women the opportunity to attend an in-person training workshop facilitated by SLA and Facebook trainers.
The trainings will teach you how to utilise digital resources that will help you take your business online and compete in a global marketplace. Yipee!
(Some cities are already full, as per registration, but to see which you can still attend and learn more, register here:
*All event details needed are on the fliers above. Enjoy!!!
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Love ya!

#ArtistSpotlight: GAMiE is the Soulful Rapper and Spoken Word Performer You Want To Meet


The hip-hop genre of music is a rather fascinating blend of poetic prowess and rhythmical magic, and Gamie absolutely has both ends covered. His lyrics are a deep and unapologetic declaration of his faith.

This gifted gospel hip-hop artiste has two recorded albums to his name; Beyond Words and T.T.S.S (Thinker Tailor Soldier Spy), both released in 2015.

He is also the creative mind behind the Random Rap Hip-hop Project, a platform for diverse vibrant expressions of music. Read More

How To Save That Content Money 101.

Hi guys,

Ever wished you could divert some of the money you make from your content jobs right into your savings?

Or maybe you just simply want to save more and not have all that extra money in your ‘spending’ account?

Yes. You know the account I’m referring to. 😂

Well, here’s an ingenious way to do this with the PiggyBankng PiggyLink feature.

PiggyBankng is an app that allows you save regularly and even gain interest quarterly, depending on the interest option you choose.

Also, you do not need to open another BANK ACCOUNT to start saving on your PiggyBank or acceptbpayments via your PiggyLink.

It occurred to me one day while conversing with a friend of mine. He had just launched his Ankara waistcoats fashion line, and I was helping him advertise (still am) for a small commission on any sale I brought in.

Order one, will you? 😉

My first referred customer happened that same week. (Am I an influencer or what?! 🙂 )
She placed an order for more than one waistcoat.

Fast forward a week later, my friend knocked on my Whatsapp door to send my commission. The joy in my heart!

(But it wasn’t a greater joy than that of salvation o. LOL.) I was about sending him my GTBank account number…but then…

I knew that this money would soon become spending money.

It would soon enter the hand of the woman who sells fried plantain and yam at Bariga
Or worse, those people serving lunch at Sweet Sensation.

Hold on, I told him. That was how I raced to Magnus Okeke’s blog. I remember he mentioned being able to accept payment directly into PiggyBank accounts. Yesss. Mans gotta save!

PiggyBankNG is a savings app that allows you put in place automated savings, with features that discourage you from withdrawing often.

An excerpt from an interview with the founders:

‘The CBN has embraced fintech in Nigeria. Piggy Bank is a product of the microfinance bank policy of the CBN. However, the funds are held in UBA. It is a registered bank with the CBN, Nigeria Insurance Deposit Corporation [NIDC] and everything is insured.’

Here's a screenshot of Magnus' blog. Cool guy. 😏

(Wish to sign up on PiggyBank? Sign up here.

So, I sent my friend my PiggyBanknNG link! And I’m expecting the alert anytime from now.

Feels good to save so easily…

Read more about the PiggyBank ‘Piggy Link’ feature in Magnus’ post HERE.

Here’s the link to start saving more on PiggyBankNG –

Still want to know more about PiggyBankNG,’s processes, do so here.

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Your Business Needs Attractive Social Media Content? Try These.

Social media is one great tool you can use to expand the reach of your business and sell products steadily.

However, here are 3 things you must consider when creating social media content for your brand’s platforms.


Have a schedule for your social media content. Unless you are/have a social media manager who is a content machine, have a schedule of the type of content you wish to post at your selected times.

Write like you talk

Conversational writing is key in social media content. This might not be for all of your posts, but it is needful. Break down technical jargon for your audience.

Mind your tone

Your social media content expresses who you are, your brand image and personality.

Ever received an email that you felt was yelling at you? It was probably written in all CAPS with bold underlining and excessive use of exclamation marks.

One way to achieve the right tone is by asking someone else how the post you are about to put out sounds to them.

Use Imagery/Videos.

The place of pictures and videos in your social media content cannot be overemphasized. They attract attention that your text may not have been able to garner.

Even Instagram and Facebook’s algorithm favours videos more than others.

For example…

Answer questions

Open-ended questions are always an engagement generator. Plus, you get to covertly do a survey in a non-boring way, right here on social media! 😂

The more you put out social media content, the more you learn what works and what does not.

Practice creating brief content and also creating lengthy content.

Now, you know these 6. C’mon, go build some engagement!

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The Invisible Life of Ivan Isaenko: A Book Review by Charles Kadib.


Hardback edition

At the heart of every action we take in life, is the yearning to live forever. It is a feeling that is shared by every human and yet is the least expressed of our desires. It is this emotion that singularly drives the many adventures of The Invisible Life Of Isaac Isaenko; a story of many themes. It is the first book of – Scott Stambach – and it memoirs the life of -Ivan Isaenko,-an inpatient in the Mezzyrs Hospital of the gravely ill.

It is first a love story, in it we follow Ivan Isaenko a physically handicapped boy of seventeen who has spent his entire life in the Mazzyrs Hospital of the gravely ill. His life is lonely, consisting of furious and diversified reading of books provided by a kind and
motherly Nurse Natalya and engagement in every sort of prank or diversion he could find in other to escape the boredom of his life and the hideous malformed shape of his body. Read More

BOOK REVIEWS start on!

Issa Book Review series with Charles Kadib…


How many books have you read this year, guys?

1, 2?

Okay, well, I have good news for you!

I want to help you double those numbers!

With a new book review section on this blog, of course.

You must have heard me (sorry, read me 😋) say countless times: A good writer is one who reads and reads until he cannot but write. Do you agree?

The first post in this series is on the book: The Litigators by John Grisham.

images (8)



John Grisham’s The Litigators will resound with many people who toil week to week at a job they absolutely detest; those who put in all those long hours and all the while dream of a time when they would no longer have to face another dreary monday morning.

It follows the protagonist, David Zinc, who one day freezes at the entrance of his office; paralysed with the fear of facing another day of gruelling unpleasantness and at the same unnerved by the prospect of quitting and losing his only source of income.
The book at first flashes back and forth between the day he has, after he practically runs away from his job, and those of two other lawyers at a decrepit law firm which David ultimately gravitates towards.

The three men join forces to sue a huge pharmaceutical company with huge dreams of landing a large settlement and the resultant events spirals into a tale of selfishness, greed, sloppiness laced with humour and a constant undercurrent of tragedy. All three of the major characters are pathetic in one way or the

There is the senior partner Finley with an unagreeable wife who hates and is hated by everybody and whom Finley secretly wishes dead, there is the junior partner Figg who is described as “always being on a countdown of some sort”. In fact as the story opens, he counting down to when his driving license would be reactivated due to a drunk driving incidence. He is also counting days of being sober.

David, the lead protagonist is probably the most stable of all the characters as he is hampered with neither an unbearable wife nor a drinking problem. But his confusion and constant bewilderement for most part of the book is both painful and comic to watch. As he gains confidence however, he becomes assertive and in the end saves the firm from ruin. Yet despite their diverse backgrounds, they all share the singular interest of longing for a better life. Reading the book, I was however struck by three important lessons that sprang from how the characters
reacted to their dreams:

1. Never settle
Finley’s greatest problem in the book is that he never seems willing
to move outside his comfort zone, he is reluctant to take any sort of
chance and as a result, he is probably the most miserable character in
the book.
His other two associates on the other hand are always on the go. Figg
in his clumsy reckless manner and David with his calculated steps.
Their various attempts drive the story and each of them will
eventually drag the firm either way. The most important thing about
them however is the movement, their emphatic rejection and a strong
unwillingness to settle for a life that made them constantly

2. Hard work ALWAYS comes before success
Of the three major characters, Figg is the most ambitious. He works tirelessly, dreams of the big cases, advertises shamelessly as far as the firm’s budget permits and is never out of courage and energy. However, his sloppiness, hastiness, and ineptitude at due diligence not only crushes all his hopes of “hitting it big” but also drags his partners into an unimaginable financial mess.

Au contraire, David’s case which pulls his partners out of their disaster is a case that was built prudently and diligently. He turns over each stone meticulously and it is no surprise he scores where Figg fails.

3. Make your own luck
David’s case which was built with all care, succeeded because of one major ingredient.

Unlike the impatient Figg who was ready to drop the case, David spends months patiently combing shops and other likely places in search of his missing link. He builds his case at great personal expense as the firm was more interested in a suit that ultimately crumbles. He eventually finds it through a lucky chance; but it is his persistence and belief which made it so.

In the end, there is no good luck or bad luck; we all make our own luck and we do that only if we never give up trying.

Did you enjoy this review?

If yes, tell us in the comments! If no, still tell us, let’s make the next one much better for you.

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To get this book Charles reviewed, you can buy it  from Roving Heights, a Lagos bookstore here.

Or on Amazon here.

Writing – A Hobby or a Job?

This is the endless debate. 

To some, writing is a thankless job. A personal hobby that deserves only oohs and aaahs. ‘Oh, your words are so moving’ is basically what they feel writing deserves.


Image from

And for another set, its the far opposite. They are writing mercenaries. You pay, I write. Some even go on to do quite aggressive ‘copying and pasting’ from the net to meet up with the numerous jobs they take on. They are willing to dip their hand in every writing pie as long as long as it will pay the bills.


Says the mercenary writer.

I don’t take sides. But I will simply advocate a balance and share what has worked considerably for me. Do note.

1. The mercenary is a Jack of all trades and master of none. His knowledge of writing is only as deep as the job of the moment requires him to. The hobbyist is a full-time pleasure reader; this pays off in the long run, but his skill still remains blunt somewhat as he isn’t deliberate in learning the do’s and don’ts of WRITING.

Balance: Do it for the craft. Do it for the job. But make sure that you are developing your writing skills constantly, job or not.

2. The mercenary writer soon overburdens himself. Since, his biggest motivation is the money, he will take on any job, as long as it pays, and he or she soon finds out he . The hobbyist doesn’t even know people pay for written content. he is content in his non-profit bubble.

Balance: Pick an area of writing expertise and focus your strength there. Explore, but do not spread yourself too thin across different jobs. Understand that good content (spoken or written) is what sells and earns. Understand that good content brings monetary profit. Treat it with such value.

3. The mercenary most likely understands that words shape societies and charges appropriately. The hobbyist writer is ignorant of this. he does not know fully the power of words.  Written words are ‘personal’, he or she says.


Image from

Balance: I agree with the mercenary. Charge appropriately, except in cases you choose not to.

So, which one are you: MERCENARY or HOBBYIST? What steps will you take to create a balance if you are on either of these extremes now? Share with me in the comments!


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5 Books to Kick Off Your 2018 Reading Resolutions

Farafina Books

2018 is the year to read more, isn’t it?

This tweet by Wale Lawal proves this much, with its many retweets and likes.


However, it can also be overwhelming to decide which books to start with. Especially books that will keep you asking for more.

So, here are 4 books to start your New Year book resolutions with, especially if you are looking to read more African literature.

1. Yewande Omotoso: The Woman Next Door

In her novel, Yewande writes about two prickly old women, one black and one white, who discover, after 20 years of exchanging digs and insults, that they might help each other.

Hortensia and Marion are anything but friends and would like it to remain that way. But then a repair project leaves Hortensia with a broken leg and Marion in need of temporary housing.

Published by Kachifo Limited under its Farafina imprint, this is one…

View original post 272 more words

How Flexible is Your Writing Style?

Nicola-Curry-feature1 (1)

Image Credit: Caitlin Mitchell

In my years of young experience in writing content for individual client, I have learnt one thing – FLEXIBILITY.

So, picture this scenario. Writer A writes poems a lot. He shares these poems on Instagram and has a following; lots of people are wowed by his poetic skill.

So, an individual approaches Writer A and asks if he can produce content for an animation video script. Writer A rejects the offfer. He is a poet, he says.

Meanwhile, Writer B who is also a poet is approached by the same brand. Writer B accepts the offer and goes on to research about he can tweak his already-present writing skill to suit the animation script.

Writer B is flexible. And that is the stuff great content writers are made of.

There is no content that you cannot write if you have the basic writing skills down pat, and are willing to research.

No Content.

Now, how to be a flexible writer…

Explore new interests

Even if you are the slightest interested in something you wrote keep practicing it until you get better. Passion plays a big role and how we develop our skills.

I, for one, once tried my hand at fiction writing (yay!) with this re-told Bible story here.

Yes, I did have to stretch myself and go beyond my comfort zone of the usual poem and straightforward content, and I sure was happy to have completed it. I even sent it in as a submission for the Farafina Creative Writing workshop, but that’s another story for another day (LOL. Like, who sends in a bible story?).

If  when you try, you see that you’re not that good at that form of writing, that isn’t a sign to give up (just yet). Keep working at it and soon, you’ll become a writer of many trades.

Take on new challenges/ varying opportunities
You don’t want to be a stiff writer who only sticks to one thing and masters that one talent.

Challenge yourself to make your writing better by engaging in writing exercises (on the internet and offline too). Find new ways via Google to get your creative juices flowing and test your writing skills. Don’t just stick to one aspect of writing that you’re good at but explore more and become good at those too.

Use writing prompts

A writing prompt is a brief passage of text that provides a potential topic idea or starting point for an original essay, report, journal entry, story, poem, or other form of writing. Photographs and works of art can also serve as writing prompts.

The aim of a writer prompt is to stir up an initial idea in the writer’s head and which then allows him or her tell the rest of the story or essay on his or her own. An example:

Imagine you have just one day left to live. Write a 300-word good-bye letter to your best friend. 

See? A writing prompt opens up your mind to possibilities with interesting or intriguing topic ideas.

Wondering how to find writing prompts?
Just Google it up. Select great ones, and…write!


Becoming A Flexible Writer by Shaquanda Dalton.